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What To Pack For Boracay in your 3 Days and 2 Nights Stay?

boracay philippines

We are past halfway through April and so far, the highest recorded temperature in the Philippines for this year is 36.2 degree Celsius last April 18. I even had a migraine attack that day and ruin me and my boyfriend’s supposed date.

Anyway, since the temperature’s fairly close to hell in Philippines now, I know that you’re dying to go to the beach. And when it comes to beaches, we all know who the queen is. Yep, BORACAY! So you booked your ticket and is dying to go there right now. Because honestly speaking, aside from your neighbor’s Halo-halo, this vacation is your only salvation from all the heat and humidity.

Before you go there, I’ve compiled a checklist for your travel essentials and what you need to bring with you to enjoy your stay there. Of course, we are promoting travelling lightly so you need to ditch your expensive moisturizer and cosmetic bottles and opt instead for a travel-size empty canisters and bottles with a matching pouch that can be bought at Landmark and put it all there. (That’s tip no.1!)

For your three days and two nights stay, don’t forget the basics. five sets of underwear and brassierea towel, and your trustee sunblock. This, together with your phone, wallet, travel journal, and vanity pouch should go in your over-sized tote bag.

boracay philippines

For your bags, you can go with either a backpack or a weekender bag. It’s your call. Just don’t forget to sneak in a versatile zippered clutch (that can also be used as a cosmetic pouch!) so you can still carry your valuables without the need to bring your over-sized tote bag.

boracay philippines

aside from 2 sets of sleepwear, you need to bring two bikinis. If you have a lot of them at home, bring a one-piece and a two-piece. The day after your arrival, your itinerary would include island hopping and other Boracay adventures. So you might as well want to bring a pair of shorts and a loose tank top with your two piece bikini underneath. 😉

boracay philippines

Your Day 2 is a free day so your OOTD would be your one-piece and a nice and cute cover-up. This day is also allotted for souvenir shopping and food hopping along the island’s beach front.

boracay philippines

Aside from this, don’t forget to bring two dresses. Boracay is famous for fire dancing and beach party so you don’t want to come under-dressed, right? for your beach party night, opt for a short summer dress. While your Maxi summer dress is perfect for bonfires and strolling around the beach at night, your zippered clutch is perfect for these! (Hint: those straight-cut dresses are not only beautiful to wear in the office but also on the beach! )

boracay philippines

You only need two sets of footwear. A pair of flip flop and a cute sandals for your dresses.

And for accessories, a statement necklace would do the thing either for your bikini OOTDs or Night party. it adds a little “oomph!”. A statement necklace would do the thing even without those bangles and heavy dangling earrings. (We’re all about travelling light, right?). Then add your favorite sunnies and a floppy hat to complete your travel outfits.

boracay philippines

For your last day, since this is usually the return flight date, go for another pair of shorts and a loose blouse because hey, you just experienced the most awesome vacation of your Summer 2015! If you’re worried about sunburns, I have the perfect skincare for that!

So to summarize it all, I made a checklist for you, on my next post and you are always free to print it! I hope that you’ll have a wonderful vacation there, my reader. And don’t forget to tell me all about it! 😉


Kimberly. <3

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