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What Happened in Lucban?

I have been posting a lot about myself lately as I will be graduating college and facing the harsh real world soon. I have been through the stressful thesis defense and everything graduation related, and in order to prepare us more (As well as to have a little bit of fun), Our college organized a team building in Lucban, Quezon. An overnight retreat for all of the Mass Communication students.

My life’s been cluttered lately. Everything just doesn’t seem right, and I won’t fool all of you and tell you that I am emotionally stable now because I am not. And I am glad to have some quiet time with my friends and myself to think things over. I guess I’m just going through some phase, or maybe I’m going through middle-life crisis a little too early. Haha!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve learned and realized in our overnight team building in Batis Aramin, Lucban Quezon.


I realized that sometimes, it won’t hurt to look back, to accept things as they are, to admit that we are wrong and to forgive ourselves. After all, no one’s perfect.



All we need is a sense of balance and everything will fall in their proper places. You need to get hurt in order to appreciate the relief that comes next. You need to be lonely in order to appreciate having a company. In every action, there’s a corresponding reaction. I guess that’s just how the universe works.

FFK3Never be afraid to spread your wings. There will be a million things that will drag you down, there will be a million reasons to stop trying and to stop the rejection. But always keep in mind that sometimes, all you need is that one big leap in order to soar and touch the sky. If you do so, remember to keep your feet on the ground.


FFK6It feels so good to have someone who will be with you when the going gets tough, who will never let go even if it hurts to be with you. A friend who will share your fears, your doubts, your worries. And who surely deserves to be there when it gets better.


FFK9We can’t bring back time, we can’t undo things that we wish we didn’t do. When words are said, when someone’s already hurt, when all is said and done, all we have to do is to forgive. Forgive ourselves, forgive others. And smile because life is so beautiful to live with broken friendships and regrets.

I had enjoyed my stay at Batis Aramin in Lucban, Quezon. And it was one of my unforgettable trips with my besties and with myself.

In years to come, I do hope to have more trips like this.


Kimberly ♥

*Photos are from my friend, Jasmin Lorraine Tan's Camera. :) 

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