Trend Report: Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

I know its kinda late to post about Paris Fashion Week. But you might as well  blame it to my never ending school and paper works (whew!)

Paris Fashion Week just  came out weeks after New York Fashion Week sizzles the Runway. And since Paris is the Fashion Capital of the World, all of the collections are so Amazing. From Valentino to Elie Saab and Louis Vuitton, I just can’t get enough of the collections.

Here are my favorites:


Yves Saint Laurent PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Yves Saint Laurent, Oh my. The collection  made me think of the all-girls band, The Black Belles and also of cowgirls and Gothic as well Vampires (not the twilight kind but the Dracula one. *.*) The wide brim hats are so cool (don’t you think so?) perfect for Gothic parties.

Paul and Joe PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Paul and Joe’s laid back vibe is still stunning in the runway. with all those  pastels and floral, spring is just what it means to be: Gentle and fresh. I really love the floral overalls, by the way. 🙂

Valentino PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Valentino PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Valentino PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Valentino became my Favorite collection among Paris Fashion week collections. The palette and the materials are so oldies! Made me think of Russia and Anna Karenina. haha!

Lanvin PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

This Lanvin mini dress is a modern take this spring. The shoulder pads and the color is so bare yet so stylish. This is good for evening events though, and I’m thinking of our Publication’s 40th Anniversary evening party!

Isabel Marant PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Isabel Marant’s red and black Venus cut short dress looks so comfy and ethnic. The sandals too, are amazing!

Givenchy PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Givenchy gave the PFW Summer/Spring collection a modern vibe with these pastel dress filled with textures and paired with these weird looking sandals. *.*

John Galliano PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

If you think Yves Saint Laurent’s wide hat is insane, you haven’t seen John Galliano’s runway hat! It’s crazy! and it looks like it’s made of the model’s hair. *.*

Chloe PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Chloe PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

As usual, Chloe’s on the soft side this spring. With their pastel palette and textured fabrics, the collection will highlight petite bodies as well as those long-legged women out there.

Carven PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

This Carven dress is so good as an office wear, paired with a blazer of any shade, you will surely be the boss. too bad I’m not not working. haha!

Amaya Arzuaga PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Rainy Spring? worry not! Amaya Azuaga’s water proof blazer is here! even if your trusty umbrella can’t completely protect you from the rain, there’s  still no more wet shirts because of this!

Celine PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

What catches my attention about Celine’s collection isn’t the garments but the shoes. The shoes are literally Furry. Some even resembles home slippers. And that Yellow furry pumps made me say “Oh no…”

Miu Miu PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Enough of Celine’s furry shoes. Let’s get to Miu Miu’s more furry collection. Aside from the super Short bangs, the fur scarf is an elegant addition to your wardrobe. Except, of course, if you’re a PETA advocate.

Louis Vuitton PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Seriously, the Louis Vuitton Runway Collection is what I’ve watched first when the Paris Fashion week is finally over and the videos are already uploaded in the internet. Maybe because of Kate Moss, I’ve been a fan of Louis Vuitton Collection every Paris Fashion Week since she made her smoking comeback in the said collection few years ago (I’m sorry, I forgot what year it is.)

Louis Vuitton PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

This year, though there’s no more Kate Moss on the Runway, Louis Vuitton’s runway show still never ceases to amaze me. with all these patterned outfits, mirrors and escalators, the whole show is a blast!

Leonard PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

I love Leonard’s yellow and black palette. This made me think of Batman, haha. The monokini in the lower middle is my favorite!

Hermes PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Hermes’ collection bragged what they’re famous for: Leather. Leather shorts, leather Jackets, Leather bags and shoes.

Elie Saab PFW Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Elie Saab became my second favorite aside from Valentino. The fabrics are so good, plus the sparkly dress on the topmost left is stunning. 🙂



Aside from the outfits and styles above, I’ve also included in this blog post the list of hair and make up that I saw and I love in the Paris Fashion Week.

Chanel Make-up Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Chanel’s metallic eye shadow is so out of this world. I’m not a fan of white, gray or even silver eye shadows because they made my eyes blank. But I never did imagine that lining it with heavy black eyeliner would do the trick.

Kenzo Make-up Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Okay, aside from the yellow liner, what catches my attention is the paw necklace. It’s perfect for Aztec skirt and sheer blouse combo, don’t you think?

Veronique Branquinho Make-up Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Metallic liner and mascara? I’ll give this a try! I’ll probably do this with sapphire or Emerald. 🙂


Paris Fashion week is love!

There are so many outfits and styles to be inspired at. Next Fashion Week to be posted is the Philippine Fashion Week! I’m so excited. I wonder what’s new in my country’s runway Scene. haha!

Anyway, it’s an hour past midnight here. Gotta have some sleep.

Merci, Mes Amies


Kimberly. 🙂


 for the complete runway photos, visit these sites:





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