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Travel Reflection: Sometimes, Travelling can be exhausting


For some reason, I managed to enjoy the advantage of working remotely. My flight to Bohol was an impulsive decision. I just got back to Manila from Cebu And I was supposed to take a break from travelling to focus on my personal space.

This time however, my trip was different. I am supposed to travel with a total stranger (well not the I-haven’t-met-him-yet stranger. More like I’ve-only-known-him-for-months stranger). Since starting my travelling phase, I’ve been living in the moment. I’m game in everything. When he asked me if I could travel with him, I agreed without thinking.

Impulsive decisions are risky. There’s a 90% chance of failure. But I held on to the 10% chance of that decision to be good. 24 hours after travelling with that stranger, I knew the data is always right. Props to me though, I’ve tried to keep my pace with my new travel buddy. I slowed down when he can’t keep up. I accelerated my steps when he’s going fast. In the end, I was so damn exhausted. It wasn’t fun anymore. I wasn’t living in the moment anymore. Our moments became a chore.

The truth is, we both want it to work out the way we imagined it to be. But you know, it requires both of our efforts. He was travelling continuously for a year now, and I’m travelling on small chunks of time every now and then. He’s used to the slow travel life, and I’m used to going to the fast lane. On our fourth night, I made the decision to go on my own journey. We went on our separate ways.

travel philippines
The trek to the old volcano in Camiguin


I went to Camiguin on a fresh slate, closing my most awkward trip up to date. The moment my feet touched the pier of Camiguin, I knew I made the right choice. I booked a private room because I still needed some alone time. It was a refreshing trip, Camiguin is so grand and amazing. Having the hot spring all to myself is the most rewarding thing.

After Camiguin, I still feel that nagging feeling of wanting to focus on my personal space and wanting more alone time. For the first time since I started travelling, I missed my bed and my coffee and my Netflix account. It’s totally absurd. I still have one more week before going back to Manila so I decided to go to Siargao – see if the hype is worth it.

travel siargao
The lovely coconut trees in Siargao


By the time I went to Siargao, I know my travel burnout is real. I ditched all my plans and told myself to patiently wait for my flight back home. Maybe surf, maybe sleep, maybe learn how to ride a motorbike – the point is, for the first time in years, I don’t really care what happens to my schedule.

And this is where it gets interesting. I actually ended up loving it. But for some reason, I made the mistake of learning how to ride a motorcycle on my first day in Siargao and ended up tearing my left knee ligament. I didn’t get a chance to surf, but I think my whole experience of Siargao revolves around road trips, alcohol, tacos, beach bumming, and the people (the staff and guests) of my chosen hostel.

The Moment of Truth

While driving through Siargao’s coconut-ridden roads, I realized that I’m with a bunch of strangers again but I am insanely content and comfortable. It’s funny to know that I’ve ended my trip the way I’ve started it but my feelings are completely different. This time, there’s no pressure and no compromises.

If something changed, it’s that I don’t look back anymore. Things happen for a reason, and my life is already full of regrets. But at the end of the day, this is still my life. And as selfish as it sounds, sometimes I have to make difficult decisions for my happiness.

So if you’re currently having a travel burnout, I just want you to know that it’s normal. It’s okay to rest your heart and settle for a while in your “boring” old life. It’s okay to miss home and it’s definitely okay to come back.

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