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The Venomous Beginning of Vibora Street Wear

vibora philippines

I’m so sorry because this post took so long for me to publish. It’s been a hell week for me because I have to live my primary life in order to move on with life (Seriously, I’m so fed up with normality that I just want to switch to my old granny alter ego. Ugh.)

Anyway, this week’s been a blast. But last week’s way, way better. With different collaborations and events that are coming my way, I’ve been blessed and stressed at the same time.

But I’m happy.

So now, enough of my personal life. I want to share with you guys this amazing online fashion brand whose launch I’ve attended last Saturday, January 31st. Vibora offers high-fashion and avant-garde street wear for those who wants to experiment with fashion. I’ve talked to the owner and she was just so generous and humble (shout out to Carmina!)

The overall style of Vibora’s pieces made me think of Korea’s street wear. I’ve been watching and stalking Seoul Fashion Week in order to get more fashion inspiration and Vibora’s pieces made me think of Koreans’ street fashion whenever that golden time comes. I clearly see Alexander Wang’s influence in each of the pieces, though I’m not really sure. The monochrome and minimalist approach in Vibora’s items justifies my theory.

flowers for kimberly

Vibora’s Teaser

flowers for kimberly

Vibora’s Teaser

flowers for kimberly

Vibora’s Teaser

And to further elaborate the brand, I’ve challenged Carmina to answer five Q&A questions for all of you guys!

Question no. 1: When do you plan to release your 1st collection online?

-Full collection will be released on February 6, Friday, on all our social media accounts as well as the Webstore.

Question no. 2: What are your target market?

-It’s basically fashion enthusiasts people, has strong personality and those who are risk takers when it comes to fashion. We are planning to enter the international market, so hopefully we can get the interest of streetstyle outfitters from abroad.

Question no. 3:  What does Vibora mean and what inspires the name (if there’s any story behind it)?

flowers for kimberly

Vibora’s real meaning

Story behind it hmmm, I was searching for names and been looking for about days/weeks then suddenly a word caught my attention, Vibora, then when i read the definition of it, I just said, it’s a perfect name! Also, having its definition as viper or snake, it tends to have a bad connotation or people often stereotypes it as a negative one, but then we want to change their views about it as being strong and fierce is not really bad, it’s standing up and being confident about yourself.

Question no. 4: Do you already have a price range?

-Fast fashion clothes (from the first ramp) it’s 599-999 includes bottom and top. For the premium clothes/high end fashion(second ramp on the launch) is from 795-2195 pesos.

Question no. 5: Are you working as a team, or Vibora is sole-proprietorship?

-Vibora is a sole proprietorship but we work here as a team with designers, PR and marketing, and operations.

flowers for kimberly

Ahh, here comes Carmina! (second from the left)

And there it is! Now, if you want to further view Vibora’s collection, click here and let’s all have a toast for fashion!


Kimberly. ♥

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