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The Moment It Stops


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The Moment It Stops


I heard those words before.
Caressing, moving, loving.
And if flowers will bloom every time he told me I’m beautiful,
It would be springtime all year-round.
He puts his hand on my chest and wait for a heartbeat,
but all he hears is his own name,
echoing through my whole being,
and piercing through the small amount of space
between us.


His eyes are alluring.
It’s a pair of ocean-colored mirrors that I’ve been trying to avoid.
I can feel his stare digging deeper and deeper,
and he became confused when all he saw inside me
are images of him in all forms.


The last time he held me,
I collapse into dust.


“your wish is my command”, he said.
I dropped my weapons and shield
and I close my eyes
because finally, this game is over.


“Pretend she was me”, I plead.


Then he stares at me as if
I am made of diamonds and rubies.
“I love you”, he whispered.


I almost believe it.

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