Taylor Swift and her Sudden “Change”

Oh my, Taylor Swift’s new image as a pop star haunts me.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in 2008


Taylor Swift in 2012

Just recently, I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift. Don’t get me wrong here, I didn’t like Taylor Swift because of her new image or change of genre. I’ve been a fan because I find myself relating my stories to her songs. From Love Story, to Breathe, to Dear John and Back to December, I have that “Oh, yeah! that’s it! You got it!” feeling.

And as I was still dwelling and listening to T-Swift’s songs, the Red album announced its official released date and her songs like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Red, The Last Time, and Begin Again was added to my favorite list. The first time I’ve heard the album’s first few tracks, I know that there’s a major change coming up, and I’m well aware that Taylor’s been thinking of going pop from her usual country style.


Taylor Swift Debut Album in 2006


Taylor Swift 2nd Album in 2008

People Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift 3rd Album 2010


Taylor swift 4th Album, 2012

It was only last night, when I saw the Official Music Video of I knew You Were Trouble, that Taylor’s new image finally downed on me. With her punk outfit, eyeliners, ombre pink hair, I’m in awe. The video was a lot like Rihanna’s We Found Love with a twist of Lana del Rey’s Ride.

There are negative comments about Taylor’s change of genre though. Some are against it, they said Taylor’s more fit to country than pop. I doubt it.

Taylor didn’t really switched to pop. Her songs Begin Again and 22 are still country. Taylor’s just exploring and experimenting with different genres to know her capacities and limits. Her songs are becoming more mature, she needs it to grow and to move forward in her career, which is a good thing for a singer.

As of now, I still find my stories in her songs so I’m still a fan. When a singer connects really well with her audience, I think she’s doing a good job. And Taylor Swift does.

Here’s I knew You Were Trouble Official Music Video. 🙂 Brace yourself, and enjoy. :))



Kimberly. :))

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