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Sunshine in a Bottle! Human Heart Nature’s Sunflower Beauty Oil is Love!

Sunflower beauty oil

This is what I’ve been geeking out lately: Oils. I had just finished my first bottle of this awesome Sunflower Beauty Oil fro Human Heart Nature last night and it’s been an amazing experience. My face has it’s own schedule of breakouts (Ugh, hormones) So before I use this last July, pimples and acne have been rallying on my face. Seriously.

I already heard about this product and I always take note to buy it the next time I go to any HHN outlet, but I always forgot about this! Until one night, while I’m out buying some groceries, I saw this at Robinson’s Supermarket in Mandaluyong. I bought it right away and thank God for the opportunity to do so. LMAO.

Anyway, using this is kind of hilarious because I ended up looking like an idiot after applying. With the oil still glistening on my face, my mom would always laugh and tell me for the nth time that she would fry an egg on my face. It also smells weird. Like a nut or something, but it doesn’t bother me that long.

The morning after is the best part! Because my face gets all dewy and fresh. It doesn’t lighten my face in the most outrageous way, but it makes my skin tone even. I’ve also observed that my acne marks are all gone by now (yep, no trace at all!) and my dark under eyes have considerably lighten too. And my eyelashes are thicker and longer now.

I told my mom to use this since she’s looking for a very good moisturizer. Now we’re on our way to our second bottle and I guess we’ll be frying eggs on each other’s face now. Haha!

What more can I say? It’s cheap and effective for me. and it’s amazing times 100! 🙂

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