Semester Break, Please

After series of cramming, I am finally free.  My first semester as a third year Journalism Student ended up with me having two dark under-eye circles and forehead pimples (which annoys my man so much, wtf.)

I’m so glad that the first semester’s over now. One more hell semester and I will finally be able to have my internship, hopefully, in a magazine. I’m beginning to make my CVs by the way. I haven’t taken my resume photo yet, but I will soon.

Last semester was a crazy ride. The craziest so far, actually. We have to revise news and sports lead everyday, we have to go to press conferences or events and cover it, we have to do a lot of editing, we have to make an online media site and later on put it all to a newspaper.

Oh man, it was a stressful semester.

Anyway, we’ve got happy moments too. My classmates and I went to Angat for a trip to the Dam (where most of Manila’s water supply came from. ) and to meet the Dumagats (one of the ethnic minorities here in the Philippines.)

The Dam is literally breathtaking. It never ceases to amaze me that millions of Filipinos rely in the Dam’s water supply. Take a look:

Angat Dam

Told you it was amazing. 🙂 It made me feel like I’m the only person the world. That I’m just a small speck in this universe and I’m unimportant compared to this dam. (I’m always telling myself this in order to keep my feet on the ground.) This view made me humble. 🙂

Me and my fellow media practitioners.

I’m not the only only one who enjoyed the view, that’s for sure.

The last semester was crazy, stressful, and mind-blowing, as I’ve said. But I’m still young and there’s so much in this world that I have yet to see, whether as a journalist or as Kimberly.

Three more Semesters to go.

Hello Graduation. ♥



Kimberly ♥

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