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Selsun Blue Philippines Review!

Selsun Blue

I’ve been loving my short hair for eight months now. I think it fits my personality perfectly. Anyway, a few month’s back, Selsun Blue asked me to review their product and sent me a dandruff-free kit. There are good things and bad things about their product, but let me tell you right now that there are more good stuff than bad ones.

Because of the pollution and false advertising, dandruff became one of the major problems for a Manila Girl. I don’t suffer from dandruff myself, but I gave a few bottles of Selsun Blue to a friend named Jason who’s suffering from this flaky problem. Below is my honest review of how the product works.

selsun blue philippines

Selsun Blue: The Good

Selsun Blue comes in two variants: the 2-in-1 and medicated. It claims to effectively control dandruff with its active ingredient, Selenium Sulfide. I received four bottles from them (2 bottles of each variant) so I gave the medicated ones to my troublesome friend who had a dandruff issue. We both tested this at the same time, but he ended up having this as his go-to shampoo.

I got the 2-in-1 variant for normal hair. The smell is divine! The 2-in-1 has an orange-y smell that I love so much. And unlike other dandruff shampoos, my hair smelled nice until my next shower.Β The medicated one is different. It’s green and has a strong minty smell. Jason loved it though, and thought that it smells better than other brands. Personally, I’m not a fan of minty scents and they are all the same to me. But he likes it so there you go.

Since I don’t suffer from dandruff, I can’t see the difference it did to my hair. But Jason has a different view. He continued using it until the dandruff was gone, then he moved on to the 2-in-1 variant. He became a believer.

According to him, It didn’t make his hair sticky at all. And he loved the smell and the consistency. He has been using anti-dandruff shampoo for months and the only real result he received came from this small, blue bottle. Jason also said something about the product that made me laugh. He said the packaging looked so manly. The sexist has spoken.

selsun blue philippines

Selsun Blue: The Bad

The consistency of this shampoo is thick, almost like a toothpaste. This made me use a lot of the product than what I need. This may not be a bad thing to some people (like my Jason) but I just don’t dig the thickness. While we can’t argue that this product is indeed effective, it costs PHP335 per bottle. That’s insane if you’re someone who doesn’t really suffer from dandruff like me.

For someone who’s suffering from dandruff, I guess it’s different. Jason doesn’t mind the price as long as it’s effective. Also, both Jason and I agreed that the bottle was too small. We wish they’ll add another option with a bigger bottle.

Selsun Blue: The Verdict

I told you the good stuff overpowers the bad stuff! There’s no question about its effectiveness, Jason is the living proof of it. While I love the smell and the color, Jason loves everything about it. And doesn’t mind paying a hefty price for it.


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