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October Monthly Favorites: Hauls & Product Review!

product review

So I did promised that I’ll be doing Monthly favorites + product review every month. But After March, I didn’t have all the energy to continue. Haha! I’ve been very busy, what with my 1 day job and 2 freelance gigs. But now that I’m no longer in an agency, I managed to finally create milestones for Flowers for Kimberly, which became my refuge and passion project during my quarter-life crisis days.

Anyway, October Marks the 10th month of my #BuildYourOwnTraincase campaign. 2 more months to go, babes! I already plot the posts in my calendar and is now working on an e-book for MUAs who are starting out.

I did haul a few things this month, though. And here are my favorite ones for October.

1. Nlighten Body Creme PHP 1,550

product review premium nlighten body creme

I bought this from a friend. I was hesitant to buy the face cream because I’m having the biggest breakouts of my life, and I’m seeing a dematologist for that matter. But the body creme is actually great. It did whiten my skin as fast as counting 1-2-3, but the best part is that the moisture stays all day long!

2. Sigma Brushes! PHP 700-1,600 per brush

product review sigma brushes

This will be on my 3rd Build Your Own Traincase Post. I just completed my brushes this week so I am beyond happy! Sigma is expensive for starters, but it’s cheaper compared to Mac brushes. I’ve heard a lot of reviews saying that Sigmas are shedding a lot. But I’ve used Sigma with Mac Brushes a few years back and I didn’t experience any major shedding problem.

3. Human Heart Nature Tea Tree Oil PHP 295

product review tea tree oil

I told you I had the biggest breakout I ever had in my life. Because of this, my face became extra sensitive in all products, which made me decide that I needed to use natural and organic products until my face is clear. My acne scars are finally fading as of the moment, and Human Heart Nature’s Tea Tree Oil became my biggest ally in this pimple-stricken world.

4. Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick in Small Bear Star, PHP 228

product review bling bling eye stick

I LOVE THIS! I was tired of bringing heavy and bulky things to the office so instead of leaving my books and notebooks behind, I compromised on makeup instead! haha! This is an eyeshadow, but I also used this as lip shimmers and dab it lightly on my lips after putting on my matte lippies. I use this as a face highlighter too. It works so well!

5. Premium Metal Snow Mask, PHP200 each

product review premium metal snow mask

This is not your ordinary mask! It whitens and hydrates skin right after using it! And it also comes in a silver color that is said to help with hydration locking purposes.

And that’s it. My top 5 Picks for October. Any products you want me to review for November? C’mon guys! You can harass my comment box! Plus point: I’ll give a freebie to the commenter of the month! You can see the details below.


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