Poem no. 5: Everything Breaks

photo for inspirational purposes only.

photo for inspirational purposes only.

Everything Breaks



“I promise”, he said.

These are his words,

and it lingers in my mind.

Time after time after time.


“I love you”

he said one more time.

I feel afraid, afraid to fall,

afraid to love, afraid to break.


But damn.

the joy, the chills, the love.

And the sky cries its tears.

Jealous of it all.


“Why me?”, I asked.

Curious of the reason,

trying to see what he sees in me.

Am I dreaming? I hope not.


I love himΒ with my being,

with my scars, with my spaces.

with everything I am,

and everything I will ever be.


“I love her.”

he said one day,

and I feel everything breaks.

From the walls, to the frames, to my world

to my bones, my nerves, and my heart.


“Why?”, I asked.

curious of the reason,

giving him a chance to explain.

Am I dreaming? I hope I am.


“I don’t know”, he said.

And then he doesn’t say a word again,

not even sorry, not even goodbye.

And just like that,

he left.


Darling, why?

you fixed me,

then you break me.

Who’s going to clean up the mess?


“Let’s move on.”

the hardest part of it all,

with conviction, he said it.

But I don’t know where to go.


He brought me to a place

I have never gone before

showed me everything

I have never seen before

“Darling, Where would I go?”


And the sky cries one more time,

one cold September night.

And I wish, how I wish!

that I drift away with the dirt of the earth,

and come out as a new person,

living a new life,

starting a new love,

forgetting everything,



But here I am,

here I am.

I’m the one who’s cleaning this mess,

our mess.

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