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Party Inspirations That You Actually Put Together!

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When I was a kid, I remember watching a certain show about parties in some lifestyle channel. It’s not the Project X kind of parties. It’s the kind of parties that moms and socialites organize once in a while. I remember waking up early on Saturday and with a pen and notebook, I wrote all the things I want to buy and plans that I want to do to my next birthday party. Seriously, my old soul alter ego was worse when I was a kid. Then came my dream to be a good event organizer, and working with creative people made me keen about details and whatsoever.

Anyway, just to share my dream with you guys, here are the party inspirations that you can actually put together (or I would if I’m given a chance. LOL)


1.) Tea Party!

Get all of your dainty things at home as well as your grandma’s most beautiful porcelain tea set and organize this party. Create your invitations and print them on scented papers with miniature tea-inspired things.  This party is perfect for catching up with your friends and family members (who loves tea, of course) Better do it in the afternoon so it won’t be too humid and hot.

What: Tea Party

Where: On your backyard, garden, rooftop, or maybe garage

When: Anytime of the day at 4 o’clock in the afternoon

Finishing touches: Cupcakes are good in this. Or you can have macaroons and probably bread-jam-butter combo and some biscuits. Get a table and put a floral table cloth on it. Get a fancy vase with flowers (wild flowers will do you good) and you’re all good!

Giveaways: Tea bags with your thank you note.

Tip: Don’t have a fancy vase? Go and do it yourself! All you need is a glass jar, food coloring, white glue and water. Mix all the wet ingredients and paint the insides of your jars with it. Don’t put water in your vase! Because even if it will lengthen the life of your flower, it will wash the color out!


2.) Spa Party!

It’s time to call all of your best girl friends and take some time to relax! Spa parties are one of my favorites because it’s like hitting two birds in one stone. You’ll get to relax from all the troubles brought by work and you’ll get to catch up with your besties! You can even rent a private pool and bring your own bathrobe, slippers, towels and maybe a sleep mask.

What: Spa Party!

Where: If you have a nice bathroom, then this party might be perfect at home. Otherwise, you can rent a private pool and hotel room in Manila.

When: Night time would be best for this.

Finishing Touches: bring scented candles, bath bombs, diffusers and a lot of scrubs, masks, and other bath and body items if you’re going to check in on a hotel. (Best bet would be Linden Suites or Bayview Park Hotel Manila.). P.S. Don’t forget Champagne!

Giveaways: Succulents are so in this season. So buy a bulk order of it (60-70 pesos each) and give it to your visitors with a corresponding thank you note. If you’re on a budget, then a nail polish in a uniform color (20 pesos) would do.

Tip: In order to save money, your best friend will be Watsons. I love Watsons! Like seriously, take those Buy 1 take 1 items and it will surely last the whole night. The product range are also endless! Get the hair mask, face mask, body scrub, and so on.

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3.) Nautical Party!

A nautical-themed party is perfect for any birthdays and it complements well with beach-themed parties and weddings. If you love the sea, then this will definitely be the go-to theme for you aside from the usual seashells-starfish kind of party. The best part is that you’ll get to live like pirate for a day with your eye-patch and well, rum.

What: Nautical Party!

Where: This could take place anywhere. It could be at your backyard or rooftop, or maybe you can take it a little farther and rent a private pool.

When: Daytime would be the best!

Finishing Touches: Little details go a long way. Tie some ropes in your walls and decorate it with retro nautical posters and nautical themed curtains. Then add a gradual touch of the navy life with compass, ship’s wheel, and maybe a lifesaver.

Giveaways: See those miniature rum bottles that you can buy in bulk in some wine and spirits store, Duty Free, or any other Balikbayan store? that is the perfect giveaway. For other options, you can give your guests an eye-patch with your “Thank you for coming” note.

Tip: If you find it hard to look for nautical items and products, all you have to do is stick with the colors and patterns. Stripes are navy’s best friend. And always look for colors Blue, Red, and White.


4.) Mixed-grill Party!

This is something that you can do with you closest pals out there. This can also be a great addition to your picnic or post-graduation party. Take out all your beers, veggies, fruit, and meat and enjoy this grill all you can party! Plan out little games like beer pong and so on to make the party more enjoyable.

What: Mixed-grill party!

Where: to your backyard, garage, or garden. The outdoors are the best venue!

When: Afternoon or evening are good time for this kind of party.

Finishing Touches: Arrange all the food in a buffet-style. Make your guests donate meat and food that they want. With this type of party, almost all foods are good. Meat, cheese, hot dogs and sausages, as well as pineapples and peaches! You name it, you can grill it! And don’t forget your cooler filled with beers!

Giveaways: edit a photo stamp and print it on a sticker paper. With words like “100% BEEF” or “GRILLED!” something like this:


Tip: Rent a projector and screen for only 1,500 PHP for 4 hours and organize a movie marathon at night. Take out all your mats, comforters, and beanbags in order to make your guests warm and comfortable. Then pass on the grilled meat and cheese as well as your beer or maybe hot chocolate.


5.) The Oscar’s Party!

Perfect for debuts and weddings, this awesome party theme gives you a different take on the classic black-tie party. Create VIP IDs and insert it in your invitation so it feels more private and intimate. And to keep your guest in a lively mood, serve wine and truffles in their table!

What: The Oscar’s Party

Where: could be at any hotel event room or maybe a resort lobby.

When: Evening!

Finishing Touches: For a classy French feel, arrange roses in a beautiful vase and put it in the center of every table. Your music should also resonates the glamour and buzz of Hollywood.

Giveaways: Buy a classy trophy that you can buy at a dollar store or any warehouses (HINT for Filipinos: Uniwide Warehouse Club) and engrave your party’s date and the thank you note.

Tip: As a host, always make sure that your guests are enjoying the night. Otherwise, your hard work will all be put to waste. Dress in proper attire, be the one to serve your guests the truffles or the wine, and make a good conversation.


And there it is! My top 5 parties that we could definitely put together. Some may be expensive to you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t organize it. Use your imagination and you can definitely organize this at home without spending so much money.


Kimberly ♥

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