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#100BlogPostToHappiness no. 1: Empowering Women

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This is my first post for my 100 Blog Posts To Happiness Project. And I want this to be about being a woman and what makes us awesome. <3

Media’s all about pitting women against each other. From their looks up to their job, one should always be better than the other. I myself have experienced this. I have this constant need to be better than my female competitor but always under my male co-workers, fearing to hurt their egos. And then, on my way home, while watching the city lights drifting past and listening to this song that I actually forgot the title, I came to a realization that the ones who abuses me mentally and emotionally are actually my male acquaintances either at work or at a party. Continue Reading

Blog Happiness Project

FFK’s 100 Blog Posts to Happiness Project

flowers for kimberly happiness project

Hello, my readers!

And say hello to my blog’s new layout.

Flowers for Kimberly celebrates its 3rd year anniversary last September 1. And because it’s also my birthday, I decided to celebrate it with a whole new layout. Isn’t it quite amazing? With this came my never-ending project posts for the blog with the sole purpose of inspiring young people to live their life in a way that they always want, to chase their dreams no matter how small or big they are, and to inspire more people to do these things. Yes, I’m a dreamer, but I know that I’m not the only one. Continue Reading

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Why Denim on Denim Bends Boundaries

denim on denim

Denim have long been our staple closet piece. You can’t even name a single person who didn’t have his or her favorite pair of jeans. And because fashion is alive and evolving, we got a lot of denim clothing to choose from these days. Chambrays and denim jackets are fast-tracking the runways and it also comes in different shades of bleached, gray, or our favorite one – Blue jeans! Continue Reading


Johann’s Battle with Biliary Atresia

biliary atresia

biliary atresia

We all have battles of our own and it always defines us and how we see the world in general. The older we get, the heavier our problems. Figuratively speaking, battle scars are the best trophy of wisdom. That’s why it’s a heartbreaking news to know that a child who’s less than one year old, have to suffer a giant ball of problem in his battle with Biliary Atresia. Continue Reading

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5 Underwears That Makes You #beaNUDE (National Underwear Day Enthusiast)

national underwear day

Panties, undies, unmentionables. What do you want to call them? They are the most underrated clothing in the world. And while it’s still kept in secrecy by most women, nowadays it climbs higher than where it was before, thanks to Victoria’s Secret and other underwear brands. And in celebration of the National Underwear Day (Thanks, Freshpair!), I’ve compiled the types of underwear that will never fail you in anyways!
Continue Reading

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Skincare: Pond’s Perfect Care Cold Cream Review

ponds perfect care cold cream

Lately, I’ve been raving about the perfect skin care for girls who are stressed and oily. That haggard feeling is common for women who are always carrying tons of work load with them (Woe is me!) . So in my search for the perfect skincare regimen, I’ve bumped upon Kylie Minogue’s secret to staying young and flawless and fresh!

Yes girls, that’s the Pond’s Cold Cream! How surprising! According to Minogue, she uses this religiously and trust it solely to look after her skin. Cold Creams are actually emulsions formed from water and certain fats, and it is used by women in Greece 2,000 years ago to keep their glow and youth.

Pond’s, however, developed this classic product is already 100 years old and it even becomes an old wive’s tale. No wonder this haven’t phased out from the brand as this is also one of their most effective products then and now. And guess what, I’ve also read in’s Purse Parazzi article that Coleen Garcia also swears by this product! In fact, she keeps this in her everyday bag.

I’ve actually used this for 2 weeks and so far, no breakouts in sight (except one or two when I’m on my period.)

ponds cold cream review

First, the packaging is kinda cool but not fancy unlike the other Pond’s cream in the market. Pond’s Perfect Care Cold Cream is also available in Lemon variant, but I guess I’ll try it some other time. The little jar has instructions and more info at the back and it reads like this:

Pond’s Perfect Care

Cold Cream

Clean skin that feels softer and smoother – that’s the Pond’s Institute promise.


  • Apply pea-sized amounts on your forehead, cheeks and chin. Spread and massage gently over your face and neck
  • Tissue off or remove with wash cloth to take out deep seated dirt
  • Re-apply as necessary
  • Wash off with water and face cleanser, like Pond’s facial wash

ponds cold cream review

ponds cold cream review

So there it goes. The pea-size amount (shown above) is plenty but it will do your face good. The cream inside the jar stays in place no matter what. The scent smells like the classic Jergen’s lotion which is neutral for me, I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either.

After spreading it evenly on your face and massaging it in the process, it will give you a super-oily finish (shown below). I let it sit on for 3 to 5 minutes, before wiping it off by my cotton pads and wash off with my cleanser.

ponds cold cream review

I use this as a make-up remover and hey, it really removes deep-seated dirt that I began to understand what the buzz is all about!

All in all, I really, really love this product and I think this will forever be either on my vanity table or in my bag. It cleans my face and it contributes to its total softness and moisture.

Rating Time! 

Packaging: It’s portable and light. You can put it in your bag easily! ☆☆☆☆

Scent: As I’ve said earlier, I don’t hate it, but I’m not a fan either. ☆☆☆

Price: For 130/jar that will last you 3 months if you use it once a day, it’s a steal! ☆☆☆☆☆

Effectiveness: In my two weeks of using this, it’s actually true that it will leave you with clean skin that feels softer and smoother. ☆☆☆☆☆

Cons: None, as of the moment.

Overall Rating: I like everything about it, and I’m not super picky with the smell whatsoever. As long as it’s effective, I’m a fan! ☆☆☆☆☆

Will I repurchase? YEEEEES!

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It’s The Mango Season, Everyone!

mango sale 2015 philippines

Nowadays, Mango is not just the luscious and sweet fruit that we love during the summer season – It also signifies the brand that we love! It’s Mango Season, everyone! And all Mango Outlets nationwide is on sale! <3

In order to commemorate my love for Mango, I made a list of the top 5 Mango items that we all need in our closet and several ways to wear them. These pieces are versatile, minimalist, and very sophisticated and classy. It’s exactly what the brand stands for. And it’s exactly the reason why I love their style every season.

flowers for kimberly

1. The Minimal Dress

I remember this one very well. I was walking in Shangri-La mall in Mandaluyong to grab some quick lunch when I saw Mango’s promotional poster starring Miranda Kerr in this classy and chic dress. Since then, I’ve been a fan of straight and T-shirt dresses. This can be worn in the office, on Saturday Meet-up with friends, and even in the beach with your swimwear underneath.

flowers for kimberly

2.) The Waterfall-structured Jacket

If you’re a style stalker and your favorite social media accounts are Polyvore and Lookbook, you know by now that blazers aren’t only meant to wear in office. It’s now available in so many colors that you can imagine and you can pair it with anything. But ever since the buzz about blazers started, it proposed one problem: Nobody likes cashmere or wool for that matter. Especially here in the Philippines where it’s so hot and humid.

But thank goodness to Mango, they came up with this stylish blazer look-alike that is made up of 91% Polyester and 9% Elastane so it spells C-O-M-F-Y like no other!

flowers for kimberly

3.) The Shoulder Detail Jumpsuit

If you don’t want to wear pants and skirt at the same time, then you surely knows that it’s time to wear a jumpsuit. I personally don’t like jumpsuits because they seem stagnant to me. But when I saw this piece from Mango, I think I’ll have a change of heart. it’s perfect for meetings or just a simple stroll in the mall. What’s more, the blings on the shoulders adds some personality to this already lovable Jumpsuit.

flowers for kimberly

4.) The Crepe Double-Layer Blouse

This blouse is a must! I choose this one because imagine all the things that you can do with this! You can pair it with absolutely anything, and you can wear this anywhere. Plus, it looks so fresh and so simple. Tuck it in, let it loose, pair it with skirt or trousers, or maybe wear it in the Church or in the park. The possibilities are endless! And once again, let me tell you that the clothes that are worth some space in your closet are the ones which are versatile.

This Crepe Double-Layer Blouse from Mango definitely earns the crown.

flowers for kimberly

5.) The Flowy Baggy Trousers

Step out, Jogger pants! This Flowy Baggy Trousers from Mango is the epitome of good style. It’s loose to let you move with ease and grace. And yes, another versatile piece to add to your collection. You can pair it with your favorite blouse (Shout out to the Crepe Double-Layer Blouse!) or simply just a tank top and a blazer. In any ways, you can definitely put together any outfit with these.

So there it goes, the top 5 items that earns a space in your wardrobe. Of course, I have my personal favorites, and I’ll  put them in the runner-ups. <3

flowers for kimberly

flowers for kimberly

6-7.) Message Cotton Blend Sweatshirt and Saffiano Effect Cross Body Bag. The Message Cotton Blend Shirt is here because of the obvious, “Bloggers do it better”. And I’m also a fan of body bags. Hence, the stylish Saffiano Effect Cross Body Bag earns its 7th spot. 🙂


June had been a rough and a blessed month for me with all the stress and client meetings. Not to mention my work and my constant need to learn everyday.

Happy shopping my dear followers! All of the items are, of course, from Mango Philippines. If you don’t have time to go to their physical stores, you can Shop for Mango online through Zalora Philippines.

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Five Books That Will Change Your Life

books that will change your life

Having a job for a year and and two months has its own perks. I can buy all the book I want as long as it’s under 1 grand. LOL. Not to mention all the books that has been given to me as a gift by my great love. *blushes*

If you’re a constant follower of my blog, you already know that I’m a wide reader: My preference in books varies, depending on my mood. But even if our home is buried by stacks and stacks of book, I only have a few that actually changed how I viewed the world in general. These books have modeled my thoughts and my virtues, they became my teachers when school is far too demanding for me.

Of course, my readers, I want to share to you my sentiments and my list of the books that changed my life – for the better.

the catcher in the rye review philippines

  1. The Catcher In the Rye by JD Salinger – This is my favorite classic book. Back in my high school days, I was in a deep crisis about what I really wanted to do with my life. I am only 15 years old back then and all I think about is what Bachelor’s degree do I want and what will happen to me 10 years from that point onward. I remember reading this book in my sophomore year and it became my catharsis. There’s something amusing and relieving about Holden Caulfield who’s stuck between moving on to be an adult and staying behind to be young forever. That’s exactly how I feel: Afraid, in-denial, rebellious. But the future is something that you can’t escape, so I did what Holden did. I accept it.angela's ashes review philippines
  2. Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt – It doesn’t matter if this memoir is proven fiction. I seriously like this book. Frank McCourt is raised in poverty in Ireland. But he had a dream to go back to the United States and try his luck out there. I remember all my dreams that’s been put to waste because I didn’t try hard, despite my number of perks for being raised in a perfectly nourished small family. I even posted a quote here in Flowers for Kimberly, and that’s been with me all along, even after I finished this book.the book thief review philippines
  3. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak – This book is so heartbreaking! Dating back in the second World War, Liesel was a victim of poverty (I have a knack with poverty-stricken books). Her foster father taught her how to read books and since then, she’s been getting books from the Mayor’s Wife’s library and she reads and re-reads it. Such was the passion of this girl with words that by reading her books aloud, she’s able to calm everyone during air raids. This book taught me about passion and contentment, about valuing friendship and learning to love what you have at the moment.the alchemist review philippines
  4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho has its own sentimental value for me. It belongs to the first set of books that my boyfriend gave me as a Christmas Gift. This book has taught me to look for omens. That life isn’t as complicated as it seems to be, all you have to do is look at the obvious, and you will understand everything that the Universe had prepared for you. This always reminds me that if you want something, everything will conspire to give it to you. Just wait and don’t lose hope, everything will fall in their proper places. for one more day review philippines
  5. For One More Day by Mitch Albom – For One More Day made me appreciate the unconditional love of my Mom. As an only child, my Mom and I have the most complicated love-hate relationship. She’s my best girlfriend and my worst frenemy. After reading this book till the end, I gave the greatest Woman in my life some loving and assured her that we’ll make it out alright. *sobs*

And there it is, the five books that changed my life (and hopefully, your life too) for the better. Do you have a similar list? Share it with me on the comment box! 🙂

Happy Reading!


Kimberly <3

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The Great May Sale Goes to L’Oreal Philippines!

loreal philippines sale

flowers for kimberly - l'oreal saleOkay, Summer isn’t all about the beach and the bum and the lost of our own Manny Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather. It’s also about shopping and bargain hunting. With the Green Light Sale in Trinoma and all that looming in, you may want to warm up and splurge your money with this month’s L’Oreal Sale! I’m a beauty product junkie so imagine my excitement when I heard about this.

And if you don’t have enough money for now, don’t worry because the sale goes on for a month! Yup. You read that right. Some of the sale items include their newest line of lipstick and my ever-so favorite L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation. The best part? It’s not overly crowded in their counters so it feels good to shop, and all the L’Oreal Philippines Salesladies in Trinoma is  approachable and very much helpful. They ill answer all of your questions and even let you try endless samples!
flowers for kimberly - l'oreal sale

It’s 45% off so you’ll be able to save big time! I bought my Mat Magique Foundation as well as the Super Liner Blockbuster while waiting for my boyfriend. I am a happy kid.

Just some tips and precautions, though. Always, always try the tester before you buy. I’m sure that the last thing you want is an allergy breakout or uneven face/neck tone! Ack!

More or less, Happy shopping!



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This is the Sign That You’re Looking For

inspirational philippines

There have been so many mistakes and failures. There are far too many words that’s been said and it’s too late to go back. But always remember that it’s never too late to move forward. There’s no such thing as the right time, my friend. If we wait for it, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.

I know that you are looking for a sign. We all are. The hardest thing about chasing your dream and living the life that you want is to actually start doing it. Stay at home on a Friday night and put on your best pajamas. Read your book and let yourself imagine all the possibilities and happy endings. Fight with your protagonist and cry over the sad parts. You are as vulnerable and as brave as she is because you too, are a fighter.

Breaking news! This is the sign that you’re looking for. This is the white flower, the man with a red shirt, the rain pouring hard on a perfectly sunny day. This is your name coincidentally engraved in a tree far from home. This is your sign. So go ahead and sign up to to your dream audition. Prepare yourself 7 days a week without any excuses. Then if you passed, treat yourself with a pizza delivery and a can of your favorite beverage and own the night. If you failed, realize that this is a challenge. And a challenge means that there’s something better in store for you. After all, there’s always a rainbow after the rain.

Don’t wait for next week, next month, or next year. Go ahead and get your paper and pen and and make a list of your grocery items. Omit all the foods with preservatives, it will rot your brain little by little. One of the keys to living a good and better life is to not settle for crappy foods. Take time to put on your Sunday best dress and visit the weekend market. You’ll be surprise to know that you can buy the most fresh berries there. And that there actually a flower called Roselle from the Hibiscus family that’s great for tea. I assure you, it will make you smile.

Make a sanctuary out of your home. Light scented candles and throw a galaxy-themed bath bomb in your bath. Imagine that you are looking at the universe in a whole new angle, and you are lucky to live in such a tiny, tiny planet with all sorts of possibility. Then pour yourself a good drink and indulge with every home apothecary that you have at home. Be familiar with your body and celebrate your flaws. Do every single thing that will make you feel beautiful. Because you are.

My friend, stop looking for a sign. Stop relying on destiny. It doesn’t make the world magical, it makes the world dumb. Give yourself some love and treat yourself once in a while. Do what you’re dying to do when you’re young and able. Believe me, you’ll benefit from it. Don’t listen to any negativity. Most of all, invest in making your inner self stronger and smarter, your intuition sharper and clearer.

Live the best life that you want.

This is your sign.

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