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P.S. More Book Posts to Come

P.S. More Book Posts to Come

Nothing could ever go wrong with books. And I am currently enjoying my book galore this month and in the coming months. If you have been my follower on Instagram (yes, I have instagram: @kimbhearlyjane) you might have seen my pending books to read.

I have been reading since god knows when, and I have never felt so alone. From the nursery rhymes in my kindergarten stage, to the good old fairy tales in my pre-teen years, to the cheesy chick-lit in my teenage years, up to the hardcore fictions that I’m really, really fond of right now. I have created different worlds, and I have been to different places. All in the comforts of the fragile pages of my books and the companionship of my cup of coffee.

The night is over and the sun is beginning to rise as the ghost of Hannibal Lecter haunts me. I must sleep now, and I hope to dream about my fictional characters tonight.

Kimmy. ♥

More book posts to come. 🙂

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