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My First Ever Anais Nin Encounter

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Anais nin has definitely made up to my “Favorite Classic Women” category.

I remember meeting her six months ago, as I read the introductory page of her book, the Delta of Venus published by Penguin classic, I instantly fall in love. ♥

Actually, I bought this book for a friend who swears by the Author. And I ended up having this one only for myself instead. Haha!

So let me talk about Delta of Venus and my first encounter with Anais Nin.

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Anais Nin is an author famous for her erotic novels like Delta of Venus, Henry and June, Little Birds, and so on. I was first fascinated by her views about the world, feminism, and sex (well, I did a little research before reading the book), then I was lulled into her world because I like her imagination, her way with words, and how it resembles poetry though it’s a straight-face collection of short stories.

I was in love with her (no homo!) and I was in love with Delta of Venus and her flexibility in writing.

Delta of Venus is actually a collection of erotic short stories made by Anais Nin for a living in the 1940s. It’s like 50 Shades of Grey, only it’s more sensible and it’s classier. 

This is Anais Nin. ooh. ♥

This is Anais Nin. ooh. ♥

Over all, I do loved the book and the author, and I will definitely buy her other works. 🙂


Kimberly. ♥

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