Johann’s Battle with Biliary Atresia

biliary atresia

biliary atresia

We all have battles of our own and it always defines us and how we see the world in general. The older we get, the heavier our problems. Figuratively speaking, battle scars are the best trophy of wisdom. That’s why it’s a heartbreaking news to know that a child who’s less than one year old, have to suffer a giant ball of problem in his battle with Biliary Atresia.

Let me first introduce you to the mother, my co-worker in my previous company who’s also 21 years old like me. Her name’s Joan, a brave soul who’s blessed with a very wonderful child named Johann Mikhail. Raising a child is hard enough (I knew it from my parents) But raising your kid without any help from the father is double the problem. You need to be both the foundation and the light of the house, you need to be the one who will be there every birthday, every graduation, every single event that needs a complete family. You need to be there with your kid not only every Mother’s Day but also every Father’s Day so your sweetie won’t feel incomplete in any way. You need to occupy both seats in the table – and that’s exactly what Joan’s going through.

biliary atresia

As I’ve said earlier, Johann was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a rare and life-threatening disease that affects only one out of 18,000 infants. The bile (which is responsible for carrying the toxins and waste products out of the body) is trapped, so it damages the liver as it builds up.

I myself have asked how an innocent child and his mom can conquer this, but it turns out that they can’t do this alone. They need you (Yes, you) in this battle. We need to give every help that we can. Biliary Atresia’s only redemption is through Liver Transplant Surgery, which pretty much costs 4-4.5 million pesos ($86-90,000 USD)

So we ask you, my dear readers, to give a helping hand and be Johann’s hero. Because every little help becomes big when combined. Money donations/sponsorship is needed, provided below are the account information of Joan.

biliary atresia

Money doesn’t need to be a hindrance to help, of course. Let’s all use the #HopeforJohann and #DefeatBiliaryAtresia hashtags along with their gofundme campaign link to raise awareness about Johann’s condition and Biliary Atresia per se. This would help reach the perfect sponsors. You can do this in any of your social media accounts.

Here’s the link of their campaign. I’ve also included an example below: http://www.gofundme.com/zvfba2s

biliary atresia

Let’s all go hand in hand and pray for Johann’s battle. And please don’t forget to pray for my friend too, because seeing your child suffer is the worst sight for any mother. Let’s pray for her strength and faith.

For Johann, for Joan, and for all of the infants with Biliary Atresia and their mothers, I’m praying for you.

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