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It’s The Mango Season, Everyone!

mango sale 2015 philippines

Nowadays, Mango is not just the luscious and sweet fruit that we love during the summer season – It also signifies the brand that we love! It’s Mango Season, everyone! And all Mango Outlets nationwide is on sale! <3

In order to commemorate my love for Mango, I made a list of the top 5 Mango items that we all need in our closet and several ways to wear them. These pieces are versatile, minimalist, and very sophisticated and classy. It’s exactly what the brand stands for. And it’s exactly the reason why I love their style every season.

flowers for kimberly

1. The Minimal Dress

I remember this one very well. I was walking in Shangri-La mall in Mandaluyong to grab some quick lunch when I saw Mango’s promotional poster starring Miranda Kerr in this classy and chic dress. Since then, I’ve been a fan of straight and T-shirt dresses. This can be worn in the office, on Saturday Meet-up with friends, and even in the beach with your swimwear underneath.

flowers for kimberly

2.) The Waterfall-structured Jacket

If you’re a style stalker and your favorite social media accounts are Polyvore and Lookbook, you know by now that blazers aren’t only meant to wear in office. It’s now available in so many colors that you can imagine and you can pair it with anything. But ever since the buzz about blazers started, it proposed one problem: Nobody likes cashmere or wool for that matter. Especially here in the Philippines where it’s so hot and humid.

But thank goodness to Mango, they came up with this stylish blazer look-alike that is made up of 91% Polyester and 9% Elastane so it spells C-O-M-F-Y like no other!

flowers for kimberly

3.) The Shoulder Detail Jumpsuit

If you don’t want to wear pants and skirt at the same time, then you surely knows that it’s time to wear a jumpsuit. I personally don’t like jumpsuits because they seem stagnant to me. But when I saw this piece from Mango, I think I’ll have a change of heart. it’s perfect for meetings or just a simple stroll in the mall. What’s more, the blings on the shoulders adds some personality to this already lovable Jumpsuit.

flowers for kimberly

4.) The Crepe Double-Layer Blouse

This blouse is a must! I choose this one because imagine all the things that you can do with this! You can pair it with absolutely anything, and you can wear this anywhere. Plus, it looks so fresh and so simple. Tuck it in, let it loose, pair it with skirt or trousers, or maybe wear it in the Church or in the park. The possibilities are endless! And once again, let me tell you that the clothes that are worth some space in your closet are the ones which are versatile.

This Crepe Double-Layer Blouse from Mango definitely earns the crown.

flowers for kimberly

5.) The Flowy Baggy Trousers

Step out, Jogger pants! This Flowy Baggy Trousers from Mango is the epitome of good style. It’s loose to let you move with ease and grace. And yes, another versatile piece to add to your collection. You can pair it with your favorite blouse (Shout out to the Crepe Double-Layer Blouse!) or simply just a tank top and a blazer. In any ways, you can definitely put together any outfit with these.

So there it goes, the top 5 items that earns a space in your wardrobe. Of course, I have my personal favorites, and I’ll Β put them in the runner-ups. <3

flowers for kimberly

flowers for kimberly

6-7.) Message Cotton Blend Sweatshirt and Saffiano Effect Cross Body Bag.Β The Message Cotton Blend Shirt is here because of the obvious, “Bloggers do it better”. And I’m also a fan of body bags. Hence, the stylish Saffiano Effect Cross Body Bag earns its 7th spot. πŸ™‚


June had been a rough and a blessed month for me with all the stress and client meetings. Not to mention my work and my constant need to learn everyday.

Happy shopping my dear followers! All of the items are, of course, from Mango Philippines. If you don’t have time to go to their physical stores, you canΒ Shop for Mango online through Zalora Philippines.

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