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Here’s Something to Restore Your Faith in Humanity


The series of photos above made my heart warm these past few days. I saw this on a site somewhere and I’ve learned that a Palestinian woman gathered all the empty tear gas canisters and plant flowers in them.

This woman made something beautiful and alive and heartwarming into something that hurts far too many human beings. The flowers may be ordinary, (I believe that what she planted are actually wildflowers. We have a lot of those here in the Philippines.) but the story behind it is so amazing and wonderful. I don’t know, this is just too good to not be posted.

Sometimes, we abhor the things that hurt us the most. We despise the idea of having to live with it. This is some sort of irony. I mean, come to think of it, who would have known that something so bad can be made into something this lovely?

I hope this made your day, too. 🙂


Kim. ♥

Photos are courtesy of The photos have been edited by me to match the laid-back hues of my blog. 
I still don't know who the photographer is, but all of the photos have been copyrighted by AP.

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