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#100BlogPostToHappiness no. 1: Empowering Women

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This is my first post for my 100 Blog Posts To Happiness Project. And I want this to be about being a woman and what makes us awesome. <3

Media’s all about pitting women against each other. From their looks up to their job, one should always be better than the other. I myself have experienced this. I have this constant need to be better than my female competitor but always under my male co-workers, fearing to hurt their egos. And then, on my way home, while watching the city lights drifting past and listening to this song that I actually forgot the title, I came to a realization that the ones who abuses me mentally and emotionally are actually my male acquaintances either at work or at a party.

They won’t listen to anything I say because I’m a woman. And hell, what does a woman know aside from cooking and washing the dishes and creating grocery lists. One time, I was at a party with all these professional people and this one man won’t even pay attention to what I’m saying all along, it was like I wasn’t even there (except when he needs a good joke that involves me, of course).

And the worst is this one fella who asked my guy-friend about what time we went home, I answered him because my friend goes out to smoke and he won’t hear him. He didn’t even look at me, he raised his voice and go out to ask him in a straightforward manner. To add insult to injury, he calls him by his name right after I answered. And yes, my voice is loud and clear, my friend heard me too.

I have no idea what their reasons are or why they do that. I also don’t know if I was the only one who experienced this from them. All I know is that I don’t want this post to be self-righteous so I guess I’ll just spread the love and stay away from any negativity.

So in order to celebrate my fellow women, I prepared some desktop wallpapers for you guys to remind you everyday that you are beautiful and you are worth it. I’m no Photoshop pro, but I really wanted to give everyone good desktop wallpapers and this is the best that I can do.

 1. Yes, girl. You deserve that cupcake. *wink*

women empowerment wallpaper





2. Always remember to not hate yourself in the morning and up until the wee hours of the morning.

women empowerment wallpaper





3. Believe that you can, and you will definitely achieve it.

women empowerment wallpaper





4. Let them look straight in your eye. But never ever bow down to boost their ego. Respect is and will always be earned no matter what your gender is.

women empowerment wallpaper





5. Embrace your fears and learn to fight them.

women empowerment wallpaper





I hope you enjoyed my wallpapers and my message.

Stay strong, beautiful! And always remember to be gentle with yourself. 🙂

All the best,

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