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Hello, my readers!

And say hello to my blog’s new layout.

Flowers for Kimberly celebrates its 3rd year anniversary last September 1. And because it’s also my birthday, I decided to celebrate it with a whole new layout. Isn’t it quite amazing? With this came my never-ending project posts for the blog with the sole purpose of inspiring young people to live their life in a way that they always want, to chase their dreams no matter how small or big they are, and to inspire more people to do these things. Yes, I’m a dreamer, but I know that I’m not the only one.

This year – Even before the 3rd Anniversary relaunch – I made a lists of project posts to achieve my goals. And one of it is the 100 Blog Posts to Happiness (Inspired by the hashtag 100 Days of Happiness). I would post about things that makes me happy and makes me a better person every day, then hope that it will inspire my fellow dreamers. You can actually check it out to my “#100BlogPostsToHappiness” page at the top of this site. Don’t worry though, I will also post my usual fashion and beauty report in between this project’s posts.

There is no greater glory for me than to inspire people. When I was young, I was always looking for people or things to inspire me on a daily basis. But life is hard and unfair, so I ended up rooting for myself to be my own inspiration.

When you asked for strawberries, life will give you lemons. It happens all the time: you can’t always get what you want, but you can ALWAYS strive to get it. So let me be the one to inspire you to do these things, let me show you how to beat life and punch it right in the face because you won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Not now, not ever.

Happy reading guys! Thank you so much for supporting my blog and sharing it. By the way, if you happen to live within Manila Area, share my blog with a hashtag #FFK3rdAnniversary and I’ll treat you a coffee somewhere. I know a place that serves a really, really good coffee and wine. But I prefer the coffee, just so you know. Apparently, I’m a little alcohol overdosed nowadays. It’s valid till the month ends.

I would love to know you personally through coffee.

Watch out for my 100 Blog Posts to Happiness! 😉


Kimberly. <3

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