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Featured Store: Cerana Farms

Okay, so here’s the deal, I vow to use organic products since I’ve become a victim of the commercial ones. I’ve been reading these articles over the net about the benefits of organic living and the harmful effects of parabens and other chemicals that are present in most skin care and cosmetic products.

So aside from Human Heart Nature (I’ll post about this soon), I’ve been searching for other shops that offers organic skin care products that are good yet cheap. Β And I’ve come over numerous shops in the cyber world including Milea and Strip it!

The thing is, It’s a 45-minute drive from here to manila. And shipping fee will surely cost me a fortune if I buy from separate shops. Good thing this one store add me up on my multiply account, and by the time I viewed Cerana Farm’s site, I know that my problem is solved.

Not only did they have everything that I need to buy, but they also offer free shipping if your items are 650php and above. what a deal!

My mom’s suffering from skin asthma, maybe because of the change in weather these past few months. I’ve heard that Milea offers organic product that helps fight skin asthma, so I’ve decided to buy a set (which includes the oil, soap and balm) I also want to give Strip it! a try. It’s a sugaring hair removal wax and I’m curious about it because of all the positive reviews it gets (promise, I’ll post about this too. haha!)

And I’m very much happy to find all these products in one shop! They also offer Mineral Make-ups, organic farming, Love Moon anion sanitary pads, and designer perfumes.

This shop is very customer-friendly. Ms. Jeanette Mactal, the owner, is so kind and can be contacted easily for a hassle-free transaction. You can be sure that Cerana Farms is legit because it carries Multiply’s “Trusted Seller” badge.

By the way, if you happen to live around manila area, they have a shop in Tiendesitas, Stall 12, Bldg. 11. and they also have a Sulit account.

Give this shop a visit, and give their products a try. it’ll be worth it. πŸ™‚


Happy Shopping. πŸ™‚



Kimberly β™₯


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