Every Woman Should Know This.

I’m active again on my tumblr blog, reblogging endless pictures of nonsense (i.e. quotes, people kissing, funny pictures, and so on) in order to let all my frustrations out. Funny, because reblogging pictures and reading other people’s thoughts about something is quite relaxing. Somehow, it is good to know that somewhere out there, someone is sharing the same frustrations that you have.


Anyway, as I was browsing my tumblr, I’ve come upon several self-hate and suicidal posts. certain posts like how they think they’re fat, and no body loves them. How ugly they are when they’re not, and how they plan to starve themselves because some douche told them they’re fat. And it’s kinda sad. Because women are born naturally beautiful. Whatever skin color you have, whatever digit that fucking weighing scale told you your weight is, wherever race you belong, and whatever views you have in your mind. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. And don’t let anybody tell you anything different.

When God made Adam, Adam feels so alone and God feels sorry for him, so while he sleeps, God got one of his ribs and from there, came Eve, the first woman. Even if you’re catholic or not, atheist or agnostic, this is one of the perfect example, of how important women is.


We are no longer an object of pleasure, we are no longer a hole for a man’s dick. We are who we want ourselves to be. We are defined by our heartaches, experiences, adventures, and inner musings that we always keep to ourselves. If you feel fat, don’t starve yourself. Exercise and move your butt, eat healthy foods and take a lot of fiber. Don’t do it to please that douche. Do it for yourself, do it to get a revenge and slap your beautiful self to that shitty guy.


You have no idea how beautiful you are inside and out, woman.

Hold on, and show the world who’s the real boss.

This is a man’s world? I think not!



Kimberly ♥

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