Ending this Summer with Zesty Truffles


Lemon Creamsicle and Orange Dark Chocolate Truffles!

Summer has come to an end!

For a college student like me, the end of summer vacation marks another year of nightmare, deadlines and stress. Thinking about articles and our upcoming thesis only adds to the horror of it all.

So as the summer ends and before I attend my classes for this semester, I decided to give myself a break and make truffles for myself and my loved ones.

You see, I’m the type of person who never really likes sweets (except in my red days. And girls, you know what I mean.) I made this treat not only to brighten myself but to cheer up others.

This gave me a lot of positive feed backs from those who ate and tasted it, which is a little overwhelming since we all know that I’m not really good in the kitchen. I decided to share the recipe though, just in case you need to brighten your day too. 🙂


Orange Dark Chocolate Truffles



Lemon Creamsicle truffles!

Lemon Creamsicle and Orange Dark Chocolate Truffles


1 cup dark chocolate

1 cup white chocolate

10tbsp. unsalted butter

6 tbsp all purpose cream

1 tsp. Lemon Extract

1 tsp. Orange extract

cocoa powder (I used Swiss Miss Marshmallow Mix but you can use ordinary cocoa powder) for coating

confectioners’ sugar for coating


1.) Melt the chocolates. You need to melt the dark and white chocolate separately. then add 5 tbsp of melted butter and 3tbsp of cream on EACH chocolate.

2.) Extracts. mix it until velvety and add the extracts. Add the lemon extract to the white chocolate and the orange extract to the dark chocolate. Tip: For added flavor, grind the lemon and orange peel and put it in their respective chocolates.

3.) Cool. Put the mixture in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, until settled.

4.) Scoop. Once settled, scoop the chocolates using melon ballers or ice scream scoop (depending on your preferred size.) and make a ball.

5.) Coat. Coat the White chocolate in Confectioners’ sugar and the dark chocolate in Swiss Miss.

6.) Pack. Your truffles are ready! Pack it in jars or in boxes or in cupcake liners if you want to give it as a gift! 🙂


There it is! a zesty treat as the summer ends! Pair it with lime sodas such as Mountain Dew or Sprite. Or you can pair it with teas. Or you can just devour it. Whatever you prefer. 😉

Always remember to always look at the bright side. 🙂

Happy Eating, and cheers to a whole new Academic Year! Yay!



Kimberly. <3

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