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DIY Potpourri – How To Make Your Home Smell Good

diy potpourri

As y’all noticed, I’ve been posting a blog post every now and then, thanks to my ever-so-understanding company and my forgiving schedule. If you’re my follower on IG and Facebook, you know that on Flowers for Kimberly’s Anniversary relaunch (And my birthday!) I received such wonderful roses from the sweetest man alive. I’m not the type to throw away things especially if they’re valuable to me. So I decided to make a DIY potpourri out of it.

Weeks went by and we were faced with a greater dilemma aside from keeping the wilting flowers. Our home need some deodorizing, so I’ve decided one night to make a potpourri out of the flowers. It’s a win-win situation after all, right? My man was nonchalant about it. “As long as you’re happy” he said.

And so, the waiting game began.

I waited for the flowers to wilt according to my liking. And when it does, the DIY potpourri began. If you ever want to make some for your home, here’s what you need:

  1. Wilted Flowers
  2. Orange Peel (Optional)
  3. Star Anise or Acorns (Optional)
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Essential Oil (I used rose)
  6. Scissors
  7. Ribbon
  8. linen fabric or some sturdy paper
  9. A cute jar
  10. rubber bands

I know that this is a lot of ingredients to handle, but you can definitely find most of the items in the list in your own pantry. The optional items are great, I just didn’t used them because I only have a limited jar space. But nevertheless, it would still sum up to a great potpourri and a good smelling home.

DIY Potpourri Procedure

diy potpourri

Coat the inside of your jar with essential oil, coat it evenly then set aside.


diy potpourri

Cut out the remaining stems on your flowers. You want them as clean as possible. If you have the optional items, cut your orange to small pieces and leave your acorns alone.


diy potpourri

Put all of your flowers, oranges, and acorns in your jar then put on some cinnamon. You need cinnamon for the essential oil to stick to, kind of like an absorbent. Shake well.


diy potpourri

Put some drops of essential oil then shake it well again.


diy potpourri

Cut your linen to a square shape and put put it on your jar’s lid. You can secure it with rubber bands. You can also leave it open if you like, but for some reasons, I like mine to be closed to avoid a mess if I ever drop it because I’m clumsy. Haha.


diy potpourri

To make it more lovely, tie a ribbon around the lid where the rubber band is. Then drop some more essential oil on your linen lid and put it in your bathroom or on your tabletop.


diy potpourri

The last procedure would be to enjoy your fragrant home! 🙂

You can just put on some drops of essential oil to your lid to enjoy the smell once again if the smell wears off after 3 weeks. I love the It’s Som essential oils available in Landmark. I think they’re not water-based. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, It’s still better to dry your flowers and plants under direct sunlight, and not just inside your home. This is one of my mistakes and the flowers lose all their colors. 🙁

Anyway, Happy crafting readers!

Let’s make a toast for a better-smelling home.


Kimberly <3

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