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How To Choose Your Professional Makeup Bag

how to choose your professional makeup bag

Starting your professional makeup career is a lot of hard work. I was only collecting a makeup and it stressed me out like crazy. But if you choose the awesome and crazy path of makeup artistry, you might as well start strong. Choose the right professional makeup bag that fits you as a creative professional.

So as part of my #BuildYourOwnTraincase campaign, I’ll create a list of all the different professional makeup bags out there and what I’m using as of the moment.

Professional Makeup Bag no. 1

professional makeup bag

Since the beginning, this little tool box is the soul of all the professional makeup bags out there. It’s sturdy and bulky, but it sure protects your precious makeup from all kinds of bad forces. This is also one of the cheapest makeup bags out there, so it’s a total winner when it comes to price.

However, the space is so limited. So if your core makeup consists of twenty or so palettes, you need to tone it down in order for them to fit in this little box. I personally use this as a touch up box that I always bring with me anywhere during makeup gigs. I put all the tools and makeups I’m using for touch ups like blotting papers, finishing spray, powders, anti-shine, and so on.

Professional Makeup Bag no. 2

professional makeup bag

This is the bomb! I always prefer this type of makeup bag because it’s travel friendly and easy to carry. Since I can’t find photos, I’m just going to describe what it looks like inside. This amazing professional makeup bag has a lot of organizers and secret pockets for your tools and makeup. It’s also roomy enough to fit your basic and optional makeup for gigs and trials.

I’m not travelling with my makeup yet, and I’m still broke from building my core makeup that I can’t afford to get this at the moment. But I’m planning to, once I accept several gigs out of town.

Professional Makeup Bag no. 3

professional makeup bag

The transparent bag is definitely the cheapest of the bunch. It’s only PHP1,500 or around $25. As you can see, it’s transparent, which makes it a lot easier for you to see what’s inside and where it’s located. This got my attention when I saw that Wayne Goss is using this type of bag from one of his videos.

Most of the makeup artists nowadays are using this, long with their bulky trolleys. This is a great alternative for backpacks which are expensive.

Professional Makeup Bag no. 4

professional makeup bag

The artist case is a dream come true for those who loves a LOT of palettes and makeup. Whenever I do trials before, I don’t bring all of my makeup set because it’s too heavy. I only bring the sets that I think are important in the event.

For Proms and debuts, I bring the sets that are intended for glamour (A lot of face sculpting products, super thick lashes, anti-shine, smokey eye palettes, etc), But when I do bridal makeup, achieving the natural-rosy look is the key. So I packed in all of my products that are intended to stay on for the rest of the day. This means I only have warm-neutral palettes, natural-colored brushes, and nude lipsticks in matte or shimmer, etc.. I occasionally add the red lippies because some brides liked it.

Anyway, the artist case is a good way to organize all these. And it’s perfect for those who just can’t decide because all makeups are beautiful!

Professional Makeup Bag no. 5

professional makeup bag

This is probably the most famous of all bags out there and the dream of almost all makeup artists in the industry. This professional makeup bag is the combination of no. 1 and 4. It’s sturdy but it has a lot of space to fit in your airbrush and even your occasional snacks (Yes, I sometimes have biscuits in my bag. Please don’t judge me).

It’s kinda heavy though, so you also need to have an assistant to help you. Not to mention that you also need to bring your vanity mirror with you plus a good lightning, director’s chair and a table.

Where To Buy

Already decided? Here are the places where you can find your preferred professional makeup bag:

Sadly, there’s no Zuca in the PH. But Zuca is available in Ebay. You can also try OLX or buy straight from US and ship it via 3rd party shipping services. I heard Inglot has an artist bag too but I don’t know if they sell it here.

For the train case and all kinds of trolleys that are specifically designed for makeup, you can never go wrong in Suesh. 🙂

The transparent bag is available in MUPstore.

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