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Cebu Canyoneering in Badian

cebu canyoneering

It was a one week preparation.

My office colleagues book a round trip flight tickets to Cebu for 11 people, some time last year. A year after, we are armed with a lot of stress with numerous clients and half of them backed out. One week before their trip, a friend asked me to join them.

I was reluctant to ask Weisen because he’s not a fan of long travels (even if it only takes an hour to fly from Manila to Cebu). He agreed anyway.

cebu canyoneering

And the planning began. We have a Viber group for easy communication because there are 10 of us who are coming. I bought two tickets from two of my co-workers who won’t be able to come with us. Weisen and I have never been out of Luzon together, and we never do sports together (except the occasional running). We bought everything we need because we’re supposed to go Canyoning and Island hopping.

It was his first time to go somewhere out of Luzon, and his first time to ride a plane. I’m fond of the idea of being with him when he does his firsts on everything. So even if I’m kind of reluctant because I don’t know how to swim and I’m not an adventurous person, I’m happy to travel with him, anyway.

cebu canyoneering

Everything was out of our itinerary when we landed in Cebu. Our flight was delayed, traffic is the same level as Makati’s, and there are two road accidents so the buses bound to Badian is frequent, we had to fall in line and endure a 5-hour bus ride that was supposed to be only 3 hours. I was standing for 3 hours, at most.

cebu canyoneering

La Playa Beach Resort

We stayed at La Playa, which has a great beach and a great view. The next day, we woke up early and prepared for our canyoneering trip. If you’re not familiar with canyoning or canyoneering, let me tell you that it’s not easy. especially if you don’t know how to swim and has a massive fear of heights. But nevertheless, please be assured that it was worth it.

Cebu Canyoneering Part 1: What to Bring

cebu canyoneering

We booked our tours in Highland Adventures, and our two guides, Kuya Mike and Kuya Eric are professional and very friendly. Our tour includes water and snacks, as well as the life jackets and helmets.

Cebu Canyoneering is one of the top things that every tourist should do in Badian. And if you’re a first timer, here are the things you should bring:

  1. Rashguard and leggings – Overall proper attire is important if you don’t want to have unsolicited insect bites, rashes, and scratches.
  2. trekking shoes or sandals – I swear, if you don’t bring trekking shoes, you’ll hurt your butt from falling. Two of my co-workers brought nothing but slippers, so the guides made them wear shoes that are not theirs. It’s very unhygienic and looks uncomfortable.
  3. Extra Go Pro batteries and memory – Cebu Canyoneering is a trip worth capturing. So if you want to capture literally every moment, bring extra Go Pro batteries!
  4. Money – Because there are plenty of food stalls in there. You don’t want to miss it!

Cebu Canyoneering Part 2: What to Expect

You will jump a lot of cliffs, period. But two of them are the highest. The first one is 30 feet high, and the second has several points from 55 feet (the highest) to 40 feet. I didn’t jump from any of those. Ha-ha! If you think you can’t do it, there are alternative routes for you so don’t worry. But you have to try at least one and enjoy it.

cebu canyoneering

There are BBQ stalls in the middle of the canyoneering trip so make sure you have some money on hand. πŸ™‚

You have to Β jump carefully. Your feet should be together, as if you’re just standing while going down. Weisen didn’t do this on the 40 ft. cliff, and the result is a big bruise on his leg (which looks gross, mind you. It’s 1 feet in size)

Don’t worry though, the guides will show you the proper way of jumping.

Cebu Canyoneering Part 3:Β Contacts and Commute

cebu canyoneering

If you’re commuting, the best way to go there from Mactan-Cebu International Airport is to ride a cab to South Bus Terminal (150-200 pesos fare), then go to door 10 and ride a bus bound to Badian.

You should book everything ahead of time. When you get to La Playa, bring your own breakfast if you don’t want to go to Kawasan falls without eating anything. La Playa’s contact numbers areΒ 09324751194, 09152889280, or 09278080972

For Canyoneering and other tours, Highland Advetures’ contact number is: 09179508750 or you can go here.

What We Did After:

cebu canyoneering

Off to some island hopping!

After Canyoneering, Island Hopping, and Sardine Run, we go back to the Cebu City because our flight is pretty early the next morning. Because we’re in a limited time, we did what we could to taste the best of Cebu. We went to Larsian and it was similar to Tagaytay’s Mahogany Market (You should try that one too!). I also bought some Siomai sa Tisa, which is the best Siomai that I ever tasted.

cebu canyoneering

Valley Front Hotel

cebu canyoneering


cebu canyoneering

I’m still having daydreams about Cebu, despite its traffic. Canyoneering is one of my most awesome experiences this year, and its definitely worth a spot here in my Happiness Project.

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