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Summer Skin-wise! Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer

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Summer’s all about fun, right? But with summer, comes our long term enemy: Sunburn! Personally, I’m not so fond of the sun, but I so love to visit the beach once in a while especially now that it’s seriously, seriously scorching hot in the PH and our signature “Halo-halo” isn’t enough to kill the heat and the humidity.

I know that like me, you don’t like sunburns (who likes it, anyway?). Too much exposure from the sun can seriously cause skin cancer and all that, yada yada yada. We’ve heard it all before. But girls, always remember that a little precaution won’t actually hurt. And so, to save all of your graces and energy, I’ve compiled everything you need to protect yourself when you’re heading outdoors this summer.

flowers for kimberlyOkay, so before heading to your great summer adventure, make sure to keep these babies in your vanity case:

1.) Hair and Scalp Clear Spray Sunblock. I don’t know if Beach Hut is the only brand who offers this. But this product is so cool and so handy. This will prevent your hair from going super-frizzy and save your scalp from being sunburned. Ouch!

2.) A good Sunblock protector. THIS. IS. THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. PRODUCT. THAT. YOU. SHOULD. HAVE. THIS. SUMMER. Seriously, this would protect you from all kinds of harm from the sun. I am not even overreacting. Our market offers a lot of varieties of sunblock. And my current favorite is the Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze, it will protect your skin from getting sunburned while still giving you that sun-kissed beach-babe vibe.

3.) Water. Your skin becomes dry and dehydrated when it’s exposed in the sun. So drink lots of water (8-10 glasses) in between your swim. You’ll thank yourself later.

4.) Lip balm with SPF. Your lips is also at risk when you’re outdoors. So better be prepared and bring your good old Chapstick with you or any lip protector with SPF.



Now, of course. After your adventure is finished and all the deed is done, you need to still continue your skincare regimen. Aside from the good-old Sunblock, here’s what you need to have the most extraordinary skin even after summer.

1.) Aloe Vera. You need this specially if you’re sunburned. This would ease all the tingling and soothe your skin. This is also good even if you’re not sunburned. Because Aloe Vera has a good source of skin-beautifying vitamins and minerals.

2-3.) Moisture-packed body wash and loofah. Stay away from Kojic Acid and other skin-whitening soaps when you’re sunburned! This would be a lot painful. Instead, use a hydrating and moisturizing body wash to keep your skin nourished. Then for 2-3 times a week, use a loofah to remove dead skin cells.

4.) A hydrating moisturizer. Of course, with or without summer, you still have to apply this. My current favorite is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel. It’s perfect for combination and oily skin types so it’s perfect for me. 🙂

And there you have it! your must-have skin care products this summer. Let’s all enjoy the season while it last, but let’s not forget about our skin and our overall well-being.




Blog Skinvestments

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