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I’ve been looking out for books to read in order to achieve my 60 books for 2013 (visit my goodreads for more infos.) so far, I’m on my fifth book (Silence of the Lambs) Anyway, I’ve finished reading Jay Basu’s very first novel, The Stars can Wait. and I must say, this book is the most tragic book I’ve ever encountered next to Romeo and Juliet. And it makes me sad how stupid people can be. Ugh!


So the story goes with Gracian, a boy that’s so in love with stars. A little Galileo in the era of German invasion in the 1940’s. the life was hard, a life filled with inequality, dominance, and dictatorship. You get the idea. But little Gracian was nonchalant to all this. To him, what matters most is the stars and himself. I guess he was blinded by the stars. Remember that feeling when you really want something and you will do anything to achieve it? I think that’s what he feels. I kind of understand him, I’ve been there.


Gracian has an older brother, Pawel. A man that’s so reserved and packed with so many secrets and the story mostly evolves in Gracian trying to know and unlock Pawel’s secrets.

The Stars can Wait isn’t a story about a young boy wanting to be Galileo. It evolves in the young boy’s nonchalance to what’s happening in the society, and when the truth finally hit him, it’s too late.


My copy of The Stars can wait is from the Public Library of the city of Beverly. :))

This is one is so sad yet so compelling. I love how the story is not unpredictable, and Basu’s writing style is excellent without being too overwhelming.

If you happen to bump to your town’s library or to the book sale and found this gem, try to read it. It’s worth it. 🙂

By the way, this is Jay Basu. :)

By the way, this is Jay Basu. 🙂



Kimberly <3

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