Book Review: Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

The Book Cover

Yes, the title is really 10 words.

Mark Haddon’s First ever attempt in Adult Non fiction is a  huge success. I haven’t read any of his works before this, but I am well aware that he  writes Children’s stories (I kind of search his biography before reading this.)

I thought the book’s about mystery or suspense because of the title. But it turns out that the book is some kind of a diary entry or memoir of a 15-year old boy with autism. It was unique in a way. Diving into an autistic boy’s point of view is somewhat entertaining.

15 year-old Christopher Boone is autistic. But remove all the negative impression you have about autism, I would rather call Christopher gifted and very logical. He has a clear view of what he wants, how he can have it, and why he wants it. Everything is based on logic and patterns. Red cars means its a good day, while yellow cars means its a bad day. He also knows what he believes in and knows clearly why he believes in them.

Suddenly, he began to write a book when one of their neighbor’s dog was killed. He then embarked on an investigation as to who killed the dog and why. With his autism, anti-social personality, and so many other hindrances, he’s determined to know who killed the dog to be able to write a book about it.

Christopher is such a nice, sweet and honest kid. Many of us who didn’t encounter or haven’t live with autistic kids on a day to day basis thought that they are hard and difficult to live with, that they are moody, that they’re stupid and that they’re pretty much useless. But having read the book, I’ve come to realized that we can’t judge people because we aren’t in their shoes.

This is such a heart-warming novel, there are so many twists (Which I dare not tell here to avoid spoilers. :P) and the plot is not predictable at all, which is a good thing. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a break  from fantasy and chick-flick novels. I will definitely read Haddon’s other works like A Spot of Bother, The Red House, and Boom.

The author, Mark Haddon

Thinking of what to read next? give this a try. 🙂

Happy reading. 🙂


Kimberly ♥

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