Because Red is the New Black

Because Red is the New Black

This week is probably one of my best week so far. Party here and there, books galore, a lot of beers, a dose of Angela’s Ashes to get me by and tons of midnight memories to add up to my collection.

As I woke up yesterday to one of my friend’s house, I thought of changing my hair color because I feel so bored. And it was so sudden that the moment my friend, Jeff put on the first coat of the hair color to my medium ash blonde hair, I feel the cold run up my spine. haha!

Red was never my forte. I’m happy with ash browns, and chestnuts, but never red. I sometimes think of getting pink though, but not now. I have red cellophane-d hair before, but that was not as bright as this one, and it was a cellophane, it should only last a couple of days or weeks.

Changing my hair color is so out of the budget. So my friend and I resorted to those hair-coloring materials bought in the public market, and this cost me 30 pesos or less than a dollar (US). You have no idea how nervous I am about this.

I do love the color though. Made me look more mature. I’m thinking of keeping a red hair until graduation, or probably longer than that. I dunno. What I know is that I’m happy with it. Tee-hee! 🙂

Kimberly ♥

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