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Art Zoo @ Galerie Artes


Me and some of the Artzoo artists.

Hey, Guys!

It’s been a long time since my last post and I would like to apologize because I’ve been too busy (work + a whole lot of deadlines!) Anyway, My boyfriend and I went to a friend’s art exhibit in Katipunan because It’s been a while since I’ve seen something that stirs my imagination (I need some inspirations for my literary pieces so yeah, I kinda need to go here.)



So I brought my man with me because I don’t want to be lost and he seems to know his way around any area in Manila. LMAO. The exhibit is really awesome and I went home at 1AM (I still have to work tomorrow!) but it was all worth it.


Pardon my proud face. (I wrote the exhibit’s opening words behind me!)

I’ve wrote the exhibit’s Press Release and the message behind it is pretty amazing. A group of artists emerged from my hometown (one proud Bulakenya here!), and together, they founded an awesome group called “Art Zoo”. They are divided by their own credentials and standards, but it’s good to know that they’re still bounded by their passion and ideals. Sometimes, it actually amazes me how humble artists can be. Everybody’s been friendly and warm to me and Weisen. Given my outstanding ability to embarrass myself in public or any social gathering, it feels great that the artists of this exhibit doesn’t made us feel any less than special.

Anyway, the artworks are surreal and weird in a beautiful kind of way. I think they’re having another exhibit soon, and I’ll let you know when that time comes. To let you know what I mean, here are some of my favorite pieces in the exhibit:


Artwork by Papi Umali


Artwork by Marc Salamat


Artwork by Kokoy Dela Cruz


Another artwork by Kokoy Dela Cruz


This pretty cool violin is designed by Jayson Cortez.


Another Artwork by Jayson Cortez


Yao Sampana’s Artwork


Another Artwork by Yao Sampana


Jaypee Enriquez’s Artwork


Artwork by Edwin Martinez


Artwork by Rudolph John Doanne


Artwork made by my good friend, Jukus Sepada

And here are the artists as well as the equally amazing visitors. And oh, that’s me! Haha!


All of the amazing artists and their works. 🙂


Visitors and beers. 🙂

To know more about the group, like the Art Zoo Facebook page. I’ll let you all know if there’s another exhibit from this awesome group. Believe me, they’re a great, great team and they deserve all the praises that they’re getting. I do hope to see you soon there! 😀


Kimberly. ♥

Some of the photos are courtesy of the group, while some shots are from my boyfriend's cam. 
All of them are edited by me to avoid recopies and to match the laid-back theme of my blog.

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