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Althea Philippines Review (Plus Interview!)

Althea Philippines

After a 5-month hiatus because of work, I’m finally back just in time for Flowers For Kimberly’s 4th year Anniversary on September. And to give you a heads up, I was introduced to Korean Skincare from Althea Philippines by a friend last month. And I thought, “Why not make a review about it?”. So ladies and gents, I present to you, my Althea Philippines review!

I consider myself a lazy person when it comes to this kind of stuff. And before I bought my own “Korean Skincare Kit” My night routine is composed of a cleanser, a toner, tea tree oil (because I’m breaking out), and a moisturizer. I’m lazier in the morning so I just put on toner and an SPF 30 sunblock. More about the Korean Skincare part on a separate post.

In deciding what products to use, I first list down my skin problems: acne, uneven skin tone, oily skin, etc. I first bumped on Althea Philippines back in February when they launched here from Malaysia. During that time, I was like “Meh, I don’t want to add more steps to my already ridiculous 4-step night routine”. But months later, every beauty blogger was raving about it that I’m so tempted to try!

What is Althea Philippines?

Althea Philippines

Althea Philippines gets their products from Korea. When I received the package, the sender’s address is in Gangnam. Founded in June 2015, Althea aims to bring K-beauty to the world! And the company is currently expanding in South East Asia.

User Experience and Delivery

Althea PhilippinesI like Althea because they tell everything in the description. So I know right away what skin type the product caters for. I’m also happy with their price because it’s a lot cheaper compared to our local re-sellers like Skinfood and Missha Philippines. The package came earlier than usual. It came in 4-days rather than their usual 2-week promise. It came in a pink plastic package wrap and an equally pretty pink box! everything is bubble wrapped to avoid any damage, and all of the product is actually sealed!

Althea Philipines’ customer service is superb and very accommodating. I had an issue with the shipping address because I changed my mind whether to ship it in the office or at home. I emailed them in the website’s Contact us form and they replied the next day. Four days after I checked out, I received the package in my intended shipping address. Yay!

Q & A With Althea Philippines!

Bonus Point! I talked to Tammy Lim of Althea before making this blog post. Tammy is the Head of Creative Communications for Althea Philippines. It was so nice of her to answer my emails and followups despite her busy schedule. Anyway, her answers are informative and will surely enlighten everyone who’s curious about the Korean skincare routine and all those stuff.

1. Why do the Korean Skincare Routine have so many steps compared to the 4-Step Regimen of the West? 
Korean women are obsessed with taking care of their skin, making sure it stays healthy and beautiful – inside out. They break their daily routine into 10 – 17 steps (yes). They include cleansing as an all important step to start which breakdowns to 2 essential steps in their routine compared to the west. Taking into account the harsh UVA and UVB effects on the skin, sun care is included into the routine as an all important step to stay youthful. In comparison, the 10-step is a detailed version vs the West’s 4-step routine of just cleansing, toning, treating and moisturising. 
2. How long should we wait before we see any improvements in our skin?
Depending on what skincare is used, one can see results from 2 – 4 weeks. 
3. What are the factors that we should consider if we’re going to curate products for our skin?
I would always advise for a skin analysis / check first to determine what your skin type, needs, and concerns. 
4. Are you doing the Korean Skincare routine? If yes, What are your favourite products? 
I try my best to follow the Korean Skincare routine 🙂 it’s one of the reasons I manage to stay youthful at my age. I am always experimenting with products but currently my favourites are:
1. Pre-cleanse with Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil
2. Cleanse with B.Lab’s I am Just A Cleansing Water 
3. Exfoliate with Skin Food’s Black Sugar Mask
4. Tone with Clinique’s Alcohol Free Toner
5. Essence: Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence 
9. Moisturizer: Magimaxx Aquacell Cream
10. Sun care: 3Ce’s Boosting Sun Mist
5. Lastly, Why do you launch Althea in the Philippines?
Can I say, it’s more fun in the Philippines? 


So if you’re curious about K-beauty and you want to try it, better head to Althea Philippines for great user experience, Hassle-free delivery, and superb customer service! You can find their website here.

Happy Shopping!

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