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After All Those Years

After All Those Years

Hey flowers,

I know that I’ve promised you a lot of book reviews. I’m sorry I can’t do them right away because my personal camera is sadly stolen. See, I want most of my photos to be mine, especially if the book’s mine too. 🙂

Instead though, I would like to feed your reader with these little fictions. ♥



I am here again, in the town that I once swore I’ll never go back to.

I walked the once familiar streets: it were all painted yellow now and it made me sick, the elementary school is still there, blazing it’s arrogant school hymn. The town’s park still have its lovers and kids playing, I wonder if they dream of living in the city someday, I wonder if they’re itchy of getting out of this place too in order to live the quintessential dream. And I wonder if just like me, they will go back in here several years from now to escape the toxic city, if stepping in the very border of this town after all those years brings back the heartbreak, the memories, the rejection, the pain, the trauma, the glory and defeat of being a kid with big dreams but is a prisoner of this little, sick town.

I wonder if after all those years, they will cry too just like me at this very moment, because after all the hate I have of this town, it relieves me to be back right where I have started.

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