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5 Underwears That Makes You #beaNUDE (National Underwear Day Enthusiast)

national underwear day

Panties, undies, unmentionables. What do you want to call them? They are the most underrated clothing in the world. And while it’s still kept in secrecy by most women, nowadays it climbs higher than where it was before, thanks to Victoria’s Secret and other underwear brands. And in celebration of the National Underwear Day (Thanks, Freshpair!), I’ve compiled the types of underwear that will never fail you in anyways!

As usual, if you’re a follower of my blog for quite some time, you already know that I’m fond of the number five. So here, Ladies, are my top five picks for cute and comfy unmentionables to celebrate the National Underwear Day on August 5!


1.) Low Waist Bikini -Perfect for ladies who misses summer when it’s gone. They are actually cute in every color and print and well, it looks good on every girl who thinks they’re beautiful regardless of their size.


2.) The Boxer Brief -Who says guys are the only ones who can wear these? Girls can too because we run the world. Thanks to Kendall Jenner, the Calvin Klein Boxer Brief rose to fame. But if you want to put some sass on your manly undies, it’s also available in different girly prints – yep, including this floral one.


3.) The Lace -Nothing screams sexiness better than a pair or lace-y underwear. If you’re having a date for someone, better put on this. Or maybe you can just wear this for yourself because you deserve every damn fancy things (And lingerie!) in life.


4.) The Low Rise Boy Pants -For those who aren’t comfortable of wearing low undies under their skirt, we can always go to this low rise boy shorts (Yes, with doughnuts print!) and nothing will ever go wrong on your skirt day!


5.) The Seamless -Comfort at its finest must be the motto of anyone whoever invented this. No more nasty garter marks on your thighs that almost always causes irritations. Utmost breath-ability and convenience, that’s what’s wonderful with Seamless Undies!

So their you have it. On August 5, let’s all take a break and celebrate each other’s bodies with our favorite underwear! Then post it if you dare! Don’t forget to put #beaNUDE!

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Go ahead and shower everyone with your sparkle, Lady!

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