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El Nido Solo Travel – 3 days, 2 nights

el nido solo travel

Last Holiday, my mom asked me to go back to Palawan with her. I can’t remember the last time I went there but I remember how good Palawan felt during my adolescent years. I just got back from my Thailand trip and I’m not really sure if I can take another week-long leave from work so I told her I’ll look at my schedule.

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The Perfect Thailand Itinerary for Solo Travelers

Thailand Itinerary

I just got back from Thailand! Before I go (and while I’m there),  I have done my research and it turns out that these 4 provinces are the most ideal places to spend your holiday if you plan to visit the beautiful country of smiles and is creating your Thailand Itinerary.

My time is very limited though so if you have at least 2 weeks at your disposal, these are the perfect places to see based on my experience and the experiences of other travelers that I talked to during my stay. Continue Reading

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Delimondo Philippines Holiday + Giveaway!

delimondo philippines

Delimondo has been around for quite sometime now. I still remember seeing them back in Salcedo Weekend Market and until now, their corned beef is as amazing as ever.

This Holiday Season, I’ll be hosting the Christmas Dinner for my family. And because I have a lot of commitments to juggle, I don’t think I can put together the Christmas dinner alone. Thankfully though, Delimondo is here to help! Their package arrived early, so I can at least check one out of my to-do list. Continue Reading

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Selsun Blue Philippines Review!

Selsun Blue

I’ve been loving my short hair for eight months now. I think it fits my personality perfectly. Anyway, a few month’s back, Selsun Blue asked me to review their product and sent me a dandruff-free kit. There are good things and bad things about their product, but let me tell you right now that there are more good stuff than bad ones.

Because of the pollution and false advertising, dandruff became one of the major problems for a Manila Girl. I don’t suffer from dandruff myself, but I gave a few bottles of Selsun Blue to a friend named Jason who’s suffering from this flaky problem. Below is my honest review of how the product works. Continue Reading

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How I Found My Self-Worth in Solitude


Self-worth is something I’m very passionate about. But I don’t really practice what I preach. I’ve been shutting myself out from the world lately, mainly because I shifted my focus to work and I don’t have time for anymore bullshits after a breakup.

So basically, here’s a girl who lives alone 53 kilometers away from home. Who keeps her head in the game, praying that it won’t break her neck in the process.

I was doing my usual meditation when Continue Reading

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Product Hauls + BeautyMNL Review

beautymnl review

Whoa, long time no blog post! Flowers for Kimberly has been around for 5 years already and we went through numerous renovations so please don’t mind the occasional Error 404 pages. I’m working on it! But for 2k17, Here’s a BeautyMNL Review. Yaay!

BeautyMNL is a shopping platform for all things beauty. They carry a lot of brands including Innisfree, COSRX, Maybelline, L’Oreal, and others to name a few. I was able to put my orders at midnight because ehem, work. and the next day, they delivered it straight to my office, complete with a fun yet simple packaging. Continue Reading

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